27 Sep

Diabrotic – a corrosive or escharotic substance

I’m new to all this so please bare with me… I’m Dan, Hi.
I’m unsure if any of this will interest anyone at all but I’ll start by being honest and stating that this is a total selfish act to help myself make sense of certain aspects of my life that evoke a number of feelings within me. Oh by the way, I babble on alot!
It took me along time to decide on a username/blog name. Nothing seemed to fit. I come across the word diabrotic on a desktop calendar of a colleague at work and instantly knew that it would have to feature somewhere In my name. This word describes me well, my thought processes, my relationships, my beliefs, they all slowly corrode with time. I’m still unsure what it is about me that has this effect, I only know that there are a few things in my life that seem to escape it. I’ll divulge more another time, I don’t want to get too deep this early on.
There have been many people that have impacted on me both positively and negatively in my life and I’m sure they will be mentioned at a later date, I’ll do what my good friend C does and refer to them by letters as to keep the anonymity of these people and to some degree myself. I have no intention of hiding behind this blog, I just don’t want people that I may know or who may know me to consciously judge me on what I think and feel personally rather then the social norm and behavioural thoughts that I should be talking about.
I’m still unsure what compels people to read the thoughts and personal aspects of someone else’s life, especially if they are a complete stranger but I take heart in the fact that hopefully you will gain what ever it is your looking for by reading this blog as much as I do from writing it.


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