Main players

28 Sep

Before i get into detailed stories and happenings in my life, I feel it is necessary to give a brief background on the main characters that are likely to pop up.

First of all, there’s K. K is my partner who I have been dating for little over 6 months now. Like most relationships we have good and bad times. I’m not 100% on how i feel about her yet. Who knows where things will lead.

Then there’s J. He was my closest friend till just over 6 months ago (very very weak correlation between me dating K and loosing J as a friend) J’s girlfriend (who doesn’t deserve a letter on my blog and will simply be refered to as what ever insult best fits how I see her at the time) had just split up with him, telling him that he wasn’t s good boyfriend. This annoyed me because he is a real decent person and didn’t deserve to be treated like that. When bitch face decided to make a sneidy remark on Facebook about me daring K it was the final straw. I made the mistake of defending my integrity and that of my closest friend. This next bit sounds childish but the cow from hell made J choose between her and myself, needless to say the power a girl has over a boy in love’s mind won. Just like that I gotmthe cold shoulder from J. This was hard for me to take as I consider him to be the only true friend that I’ve ever had, I trusted him the most in the world and we literally spoke every day for the best part of 6 years. Ayway, I’m going into too much detail for a short history so I’ll touch on this at a later date.

C is J’s sister. I’ve known her for a while now and I’d say I probably have the most in common with her over anybody else I know. She is a great person and is always there to give support and help someone out when they’re in need. She has many issues of her own that I only wish I could do more to help with. I enjoy her randomness and the fact that she celebrates her differences rather then tries to cover them up and conform to society. She is the only person I have ever met that I have not had a fall out with, that’s got to say something, right?

A is my little sister. She is commen sense smart beyond her years. After seeing the failed relationships of both myself and my other sister, she has become very mature and clued up with things. I’m close to my sister and feel that I have played a big part in her up bringing from an early age. I see my other siste far less and tend not to have that much to do with her. She is a selfish person who lives her own life and very rarely thinks about anyone else, I don’t think she does this intentionally, it’s justnthe kind of person she is.

Right, the parent situation. I have never been close to my parents particularely. They split when I was young so i have no memories of them together really. Mom was slot like my older sister – very self obsessed and to some degree selfish without realising it oh and very materialistic.
My dad was like most men I know of that generation, emotionally retarded, apart form anger, he seems adapt at displaying that emotion. Don’t get me wrong, they were good parents and I’ve had a good childhood, I just see them differently now that I am old enough to understand things. I don’t see either of them often really, they both live fairly far away from me.

My nan and grandad are the only couple I know that haven’t had a divorce. I consider them to be my parents and have lived with them for some time in the past. I consider my decent up bringing to be mainly down to them.

About two years before I met K, I split from Z. We nada been dating for 5 years and I feel I still have strong feelings for her, sllthough these are mixed with other feelings as she cheated on me and the left me for someone else. This messed me up as I’m sure your aware. It took me along time to accept the fact that she had gone, I wouldn’t say I’m happy now or even ok with where I am, I have simply learnt to live without her in my life. I co stanly think about her and how things would be if we were still together. No doubt these feelings are effecting my current relationship, oh well.

Ad is a friend from school. We use to hang out alot but we’ve kind of grown apart as we’ve grown up. I still speak to him on a regular basis and we help each other out and play the PS3 together, but we’re no where near as close as J and I were.

A few months ago I went on a trek America camping had an amazing time and met some awesome people, one of which is M. We instantly clicked and it became apparent that there was an attraction between us. This put me in an akward position as I had recently starting seeing K and knew from the beginning that things weren’t right. I was so glad to be back. N a relationship and the fact that someone liked me that I decided to go with thins and see how they progressed, looking back, things would have been easier If I’d ended things with K when my gut instinct told me we went ging to work. I have strong believes in staying faithful and not cheating on yur partner which made things very hard when M decided to advance on her feelings. To add to the complications, she is from Australia. I new thie likely hood of us seeing each other again or having the chance at a relationship were next to none.
I tent to fall head over heals for girls easily, this is definitely a major down side to my life. I also put far too much trust in people. I always saw it as a positive until the last few years were I’ve realised that I endue on the shitty side of the stick most of the time.

These are the main players. There are others who I may introduce in good time but for now you’ll be able to read through future blogs with a sound background knowledge to the people and events i ramble on about.

Ohh I can’t forget my pets – these guys help me keep relatively sane when my faith in humans dips to an inconceivable low. Pan is my lovely little cat. He’s been living with me since I moved into my house earlier this year, he acts very much like a dog sometimes and demands a lot of affection which is good because I have a lot two give him. Then there’s Demitri and Herb. They are 3 year old Horsefield (Russian) tortoises. They have been with me since they were half a year old and have a calming effect over me when I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious (I suffer from mild anxiety attacks from time to time by the way) the newest addition to my house hold are Mojo and Obamah, these are my two goldfish who also help to lighten my mood have a relaxing effect.

So that’s everyone important to me. I know it’s not a lot but ita all I can handle really. I find I don’t have enough time to myself as it is swell as time to keep up to date with people’s life’s and be sociable with everyone. I’m grateful I have them though, I wouldn’t be me without these people.





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