06 Oct

I feel much better today, i did a lot of little jobs around the house.  The accomplishment of completing tasks always make me feel a little better. I finally set up my new laptop too, this gave me the opportunity to sort out and edit the backlog of photos I had taken over the last few months.

I took a few photos while at Blackpool for the weekend. I’ve been a few times before but only when I was younger. A little birdie told me that there were talks about getting rid of the Pepsi Max next year and as I really enjoy thrill rides, I decided it was about time I went on it. It was ok, nothing compared to the rides at Cedar Point, I’d happily catch a plane to Cedar Point, spend the day and catch a plane back. I managed to get a few shoreline shots while at Blackpool… What do you think?

I took this under central pier. I was drawn to the symmetrical lines of the supports holding up the pier when I noticed the receding river flowing back to the sea. I love taking pictures like this, some times the simple things look amazing but no body spends to time to sit and look at them. I must have spent 3 hours just walking around the beach looking at its beauty.

I took this in the evening just before the sun went down. It was a bad day and rained continuously for several hours just after I took this shot. The sun lit through the clouds in an amazing way, I considered them to be the main focus of the picture untill I saw the puddles left by the receding tide.

This little critter was a pain! He flew down and looked directly at me for the 10 seconds it took me to get my camera out and set up. The second I was ready to take the shot, he decided to give me the hard shoulder. I waited for ages for him to turn back around but he never did. This was a practise shot I took while I was waiting in order to check I had the right settings. He eventually flew off.

I love being by the sea, especially in winter. The wind is awesome, I could sit and watch the waves crashing up the wall all night.  Over all it was a good trip. K and I went to try and sort out our failing relationship, we’d had a lot of arguments. We decided that we’d go away for the weekend and just enjoy ourselves, it was nice to get away and not have to worry about anything. Things went well while we were there and quickly deteriorated once we got back  home.

The thing is, I know that she’s a good match and a decent person but for some reason I keep finding myself pushing her away, I know its my fault and even thought she is very argumentative and stubborn, it’s me that’s ruining things. I need to sit down and have a good long think with myself about what to do.



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