Thrill seeking

14 Oct

Onto Ohio.

We set up our tents upon arrival as usual and had lunch, we wanted to get to the theme park as early as we could to give us the best chance of going on everything that we could. We knew it was going to be busy because of the celebrations. Stopping at a McDonald’s just outside of Cedar Point, we all decided that we’d grab something to eat and race back to the van and eat while on the go Neil and I were one of the 1st to order and ger our food so we decided to eat on the bench outside while everyone else was ordering, we took comfort in the fact that McDonald’s staff in America are just as slow and thick as the staff over here (sorry if I’ve offended anyone working in McDonald’s, but you’ve got to admit, you do work with some idiots, do you not?) wolfing down our double quarter pounder and fries before going to a world-class theme park was not our brightest move, but we had to eat.

Dick Head!

The highlight of our stay in Ohio was Cedar Point. Our timing was great, due to the July 4th celebrations, the park stayed open till 10 with a massive fireworks display at the end. I’m a bit of a thrill seeker when it comes to theme parks, the faster and taller the better. I split off from the group with Benadikt and Dephine as they too where thrill seekers who were excited to go on the biggest rides they could get on. I hadn’t spent a great deal of time with them over the trek so it was nice. It was also nice to have a break from Jemma, I knew that we only had a few days left and I had to somehow detach myself from her.

By the way, I never had my camera with me at Cedar Point for obvious reasons… so unfortunately I have to use web pictures to break up my long and boring text.

I had to choose this picture, the man looks so out of place in a theme park.

First ride we went on was Raptor, I enjoyed this ride, Kind of on a par with Air at Alton Towers. Being from the UK, I don’t get a lot of chance to experience big rides. I love Nemesis at Alton Towers, I believe it’s the best ride we have in this country. It’s definitely true in this case, that American’s do everything bigger and better. Raptor was classed as a small rollercoaster at Cedar Point. I won’t go through all the rides I went on, I did try to do all of them but there wasn’t enough time. We started at the biggest and worked our way down.

millenium Force deserves a mention. This was the tallest rollercoaster in the world when it opened in 2000 standing over 95m tall. apparently. you can see Canada from the top on a clear day! I enjoyed this ride, we had to que for nearly an hour to get on it but it was worth it, It’s nice to be able to go on a ride that lasts for more than 20 seconds.

Top Thrill Dragster… Where to start. The fastest and tallest ride in the park since it opened in 2003 and is currently the fastest in the world. It is 120m tall which puts it in the class of the stratocoasters (thanks Wikipedia) which includes one other ride from six flags (which just beat it to the record of the tallest ride in the world). I didn’t like this ride very much, It was too fast to enjoy. The acceleration at the beginning leaves you feeling light headed and unable to enjoy the ride. Before I knew it, I was at the top and on the way back down again. I’m glad I got to do it though.

Ok, I’m well aware that this post is becoming very boring. I’ll talk less about the rollercoasters facts and more about my experiences on them.

we continued around the park trying different rides, enjoying some of them and being bored with a few. Delphine persuaded me to go on the Power Towers – For the record, I hate that ride, It is the only kind of ride that scares the crap out of me. There are two rider ‘choices’. You can either go up really really fast and bob up and down a few times before being brought slowly to the ground, which was enjoyable or you could slowly make your way up the 73m to the top, where you are made to wait a few seconds until your nerves are torn to shreds, before being dropped back down to earth at an extremely fast pace that made me bite down on my jaw and make a sound tha I’ve never heard me make before! It’s not a good ride if you have anxiety problems I can tell you that.

We ques little over an hour for a ride called Maverick, we timed it well as the fireworks had just started to begin as we got on the ride. It is possibly the best ride I have been on. It’s not the fastest or tallest but it throws you about like mad. It’s suppose to simulate a ride on a wild horse and it really did feel like it, hats off to the designer. It was nice to look at the fireworks as we slowly ascended to the top of the ride, there was also a nice calming view over Lake Eire with fireworks reflecting far away in the dark waters. I recon this ride should be ridden at night all the time, It really added to the experience. oh and the bit where it stops in the middle and you think the ride has ended was a great idea. You’re in a tunnel too so you have no idea whats going on and then you suddenly bolt off again, brilliant!

Mean Streak – don’t go on this ride if your bones break easily. It’s an old wooden rollercoaster that is so uncomfortable to ride, you feel like you’ve bruised your bum by the time it stops. Needless to say, there was no que for this ride, so we went on it twice 🙂

The fireworks were great, In true American style, they out did any other fireworks display I’ve ever seen. They also had a huuuuge screen up which showed clips of everything American (A large amount of the clips were soldiers/jet planes/tanks etc etc) whilst some bloke sang a very over emotional version of the national anthem – It was a very patriarchal evening, to the point where I actually felt like an American for a few minutes and a proud one at that, before crashing back down to earth and realising that I came from England.

The highlight of the trip to Cedar Point for me was Magnum XL-200. This ride had Delphine and I in stitches. I can’t explain why but we had a massive laughing fit half way around. Again, I got the feeling this ride was much better in the dark than it would have been in daylight. It was situated at the end of the park, part of the ride actually left the park and went around some go karting track and a water park. As these had all closed down for the night (was coming up to 11 now) the majority of the ride was in the dark. It went through tunnels that looked like you’d hit your hands off the roof if you raised them, it had large drops and steep turns and it had a quick succession of bumps that made you feel like you were going over hills really fast in a car. It was such a good ride that Delphine and I ran around from the exit to the entrance of the ride twice to squeeze another few rides in before the park closed.

You’ll start to see a pattern emerging here, but I had an amazing time at Cedar Point, just as I had had on the majority of the places we visited on the Trek. I still often think about the good times I had over there and the people I was with, I don’t think it would be the same going back to those places without them. This saddens me because I know that were all never going to be together again let alone together again in america enjoying ourselves. but hey, I’d rather have had the time of my life and all the experiences then not to have had them. It was the best thing I’ve done in my life!


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