scouts honour…

23 Oct

Not long after returning back to the UK. I decided that I needed more camping in my life. I know that there were other factors that made my trip so enjoyable like the people and the places but the way of life felt good. It was nice to live with the minimum requirements, food / shelter / company.

I looked into becoming a scout leader. I’ve grown up around children and have always got on well with them. Kids tend to be  much more honest than adults. They speak their mind and if they lie, it’s usually easy to  tell. You don’t have to second guess or doubt what they say. I consider myself to be a big kid, I don’t feel like I’m an ‘adult’, I don’t feel old enough to have my own kids. I still have fun when playing with my niece and nephew in the garden and playing with geeky toys.

It’s for these reasons that I thought joining would be a good idea. I’d have to learn a lot of camping things not to mention hiking, orienteering and basic first aid / survival techniques. The amount of things I’ll have to organise and sort out is secretly making me very excited. Currently I have been on a course that covered a few of the modules that I have to learn and been booked in for my over night camping course.

I’ve spent at least 3 hours today searching for a good tent to buy and a rucksack. I’m so indecisive though, still havent decided which to go for although I’m gearing towards this traditional looking one…

The thought of being in charge or a group while out on a camp site also excites me. I don’t think I’ve ever officially been in charge of a group of people before. Ohh and I get badges too. Going to some remote outdoor location while also provide a great opportunity to take some photos and see some more of the UK.

At the moment I don’t have any kids. myself and the guy I will be doing it with tag along with the next nearest scouts unit to see how they do things. Our scouts group will be a new one so we’ll be starting from scratch. I’m also going to be trained as a Duke of Edinburgh assessor, which means a lot of walking!

apart from supply hunting, this weekend has been pretty dull. I did out up a corner shelf in my bedroom. c said I should talk about this and how I did it as she hasn’t got a clue. I don’t do anything special really. So, if this next bit is boring, you have C to blame.

1. Hold the shelf up to the wall with a spirit level on it. Once you have achieved a straight balanced position, draw a line across the top and bottom of the shelf.

2. measure and mark on the wall where the holes will need to be drilled. Careful measurement is required, just a little wrong measurement will mean your screws wont line up to the holes.

3. Check your raw plug size and type. Make sure that you choose the right drill bit so that your raw plug fits snugly into the wall with a little persuasion from its friend the hammer.

4. Screw the screws into the raw plugs and check that they are tight. Hook the shelf fitting onto the screws. As the shelf I put up was a floating shelf or supportlesss shelf, I added a little ‘no more nails’ to the bit of the shelf that was to sit against the wall.

Job done. slowly my house is looking more homely. My plans will never probably be for filled, as I cross one thing off another takes its place. i like this though, I get a sense of pride out of fixing and doing things to my house and garden.

this reminds me, I looked into getting an allotment as well. I know this is a particularly old man kind of thing to do (or woman) but gardening is relaxing for me and  i get a sense of achievement when I manage to grow and harvest vegetables. Little things like these keep me from over stressing and becoming anxious when dealing with every day things in life that I have to do but don’t really want to do.

I’ll work on my vegetable garden plan and explain it all next time.



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3 responses to “scouts honour…

  1. Hellosailor

    October 23, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    LOL at the shelf!! As i was reading it, from a womans point of view, I thought step one “find a man to do it for you”. I’m still not sure I could put up a shelf.

    • diabroticdan

      October 23, 2011 at 8:45 pm

      It is more of a male thing to do I guess. But hey, if someone pulls a gun to your head and shouts, PUT MY F-ING SHELF UP NOW!! You’ll have some kind of idea what to do 🙂

  2. Hellosailor

    October 23, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I’d better re-read it then and take it more seriously.


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