01 Nov

5 foods.

This is a little vague. I could mention 5 random foods? at first I thought it ment 5 foods that I like. I think I’ll mix it up a little and talk about food I don’t like instead.

1. Hot stuff – I don’t do well with hot food (as in spicy). It’s not that I don’t like it, just that I can’t handle it. My taste buds just seem to wimp out whenever I have something even remotely hot. It starts with my eyes watering and quickly progresses to my nose watering. No matter how much I wipe, the clear liquid just keeps running! This happens for about 15 minutes until my mouth decides to numb itself. This isn’t good, specifically as K likes really hot food and wants to stick chillies in everything. when we 1st started dating, I took her to one of the best Indian restaurant in Birmingham. The meal came to £120 which I happily paid for. The problem is, my food was so hot that I ended up filling up on bread and deserts. I had the least spicy thing on the menu!


2. Mushrooms – Why the hell do we eat them. They look disgusting, they smell disgusting, they taste like slimy snails when eaten and don;t really taste of anything. Just the thought of chewing on one turns my stomach. I’d like to know what went through the mind of the 1st person to pick and eat a mushroom… Crazy fool!

*Violently Vomits*

3. Fish – I’m not a fan of sea food really. Some I can eat if I needed to but I wouldn’t particularly enjoy eating it. The majority of it, I can’t eat at all. tuna being the worst off all, I can’t even touch that stuff!


4.  Lamb – A cute, soft, cuddly little lamb. WHY the hell do people want to eat them??? I believe It’s only natural that we eat animals. carnivores have been eating prey for millions of years literally. I do how ever think It’s wrong that animals are killed on mass, packaged and served to people who take a few bites and chuck the rest in the bin. That’s not fair on the poor animal, especially when it’s as cute as a lamb. Besides, It tastes like crap anyway.

Don't Eat Me 😦

5. Liver pate – Ewwwwwwwww. Ewww to liver and Ewww to pate. I’d like to say more but Ewwww is all I have for you.


And just before you go – some pictures of other horrible food I’ve found…



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