Central Pier

03 Nov

Canon 450d 18-55mm lens. f16 1/10 sec

 I took  this photo under Blackpool Central Pier. I love being by the sea in Winter. The chill of the wind hitting you in the face as you walk. The tranquility of the beach with very few people on it. The acrobatic flying of the gulls as they fight the strong currents. I could sit and watch the waves crash against the flood defences all night.

As Blackpool is very cold and dark this time of year, I decided that I’d try to capture the moody atmosphere and the peaceful scenes with my camera. I used my time to practise a few landscape shots of the beach and the setting sun. then I came across Central Pier. I love symetry and lines and was naturally drawn to the underside of the pier where the big iron supports were most impressive. I took many shots from different angles until I finally fond an angle that I was happy with. by capturing the sun through one of the supports, I was able to create a silhouette look on the pier itself. I think the shadows add to the picture too.

I think my artistic side came out while I was there. I thought less about the logical steps and more on the composure and colours I wanted to achieve. Feel free to view other pictures I took while up north.

My intentions were to capture a few pictures of the Blackpool lights but couldn’t seem to get the right set up. The idea quickly wet down the pan. something for me to look up and learnt back at home with the aid of the internet.


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