When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me…

04 Nov

2 songs

My penultimate 10 day – you – challenge post. I consider this one to be another difficult subject. How am I ment to choose two songs from thousands. According to my generic mp3 player, I have over 8 days worth of songs! Granted some of them are guilty pleasures and some I skip when ever they come around on shuffle (why do I bother having them then???) But still, that’s a lot of songs to narrow down to just two I will probably read back ver this most some time in the future and change my mind. t will probably play on my mind for the nest few days and I’ll think about other songs that I should have written about and forgot about. As of this moment though, here are two songs..

1- Stricken, No doubt, from The Beacon Street Collection. This song means a lot to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, J lent me this album when we we’re both training at Yarnfield together. We use to play it in my car when ever we went to get something to eat in the evenings or on Friday’s when I dropped him off at the train station to go home. I have fond memories of Yarnfield and my friendship with J and when ever I hear a song from this album I am transported back to a time in life where I had found a true friend, had a great relationship with someone who really cared about me and a job that I was enjoying. Stricken is the fourth track on the album and reminds me of Z and the feeling’s I had for her. Notice I used a past tense, I still have feelings for her, but they are very different, I’m not going into all that now. My favourite line ” My love for you makes me numb, I can’t feel”, at times in ou relationship, I’d be overcome with a feeling of happiness, so much so that I’d just sit in a daze with a big smile on my face. I know it sounds cheesy. I don’t think I’ll ever be that happy again, each time a relationship I’m in ends, I find that my feelings for the person I’m in the next relationship with isn’t as strong, (excuse the bad English, I,m getting tired now) P.s I love Gwen Stefani’s mouth!!!

2- Damn Girl, all American Rejects, When The World comes Down. I listened to this album repetitively for about 6 months. This song in particular helped me get over Z greatly. (Sorry both songs I have chosen are bout Z but i had a year of watching long box sets of TV programs and listening to music) Favourite line, ” No girl, you can’t see. When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me” (Is this ment to be rude???)- This was during a period when Z had just split up with me and started dating the boy she had an affair with. I still wanted her ( I still do), and she was undecided whether to go us another try or stay with her new fella. She needed time to decide so I tried hard not to bug her about it, but the months of not knowing what was going to happen really took its toll on me. the lyrics in this song mimicked how I felt and in some way made me feel a little better and less anxious about the outcome. needless to say she chose the other guy, maybe it was for the best. I guess we’ll never know.



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