Thanks sis

05 Nov

1 photo of myself –

Welcome my friends to the end.

Meet me age 5. My sister to the left and my dad in the middle. Obviously I don’t remember much about this time of my life. One thing I do remember is that T-shirt though. I use to wear it all the time, I loved it. I remember my hair being as bad as it looks here, thanks for that mom. This was just after my sister got out of hospital. She was there for most of her 4th year with a brain tumor. It was removed and everything was fine. Obviously she got a lot of attention from then on wards. She was always surrounded by family and friends, even people she didn’t really know. I think this is one of the reasons I became so shy. I got use to no attention, I didn’t want it anyway. I was quite happy to play on my own with a few toys in a corner somewhere. I know it sounds like I’m looking at all this as a negative but reality is, it’s a positive. If I had more confidence, I’d be more of a dick head. I’d have no respect for people or things, I could have been a chav or a wife beater. I could have had 4 children by 3 different women, the list is endless. So thanks sis

P.S I split up from K today. just saying


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