Old Mr Jelly Eyes

08 Nov

This little critter came from a small rock pool in Sligo, Ireland. I was in two minds whether to bring my new toy (Canon 100mm macro lens) It’s not the lightest of lens and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Water and Lens’ don’t mix well. Not to mention sand and an uneven surface. Visions of  slipping on a rock pool and falling head first into a rock pool, smashing my lens into 1000 pieces aswell as cutting my face beyond recognition entered my head. I enjoy taking macro shots and found it hard which one to write about. You can see other macro pictures I have taken here.

Besides all these negative factors, I decided to take it. The thought of getting a close up of a crab outweighed all the negatives. I use to love rock pooling and searching for crabs when I was younger. I could spend hours and hours hoping around the jagged rocks in Wales searching for anything that moved. It bought me back to my youth.

This little critter was barely bigger than my finger tip. I followed him for a while before he stood still long enough for me to take a few shots. I never even noticed his jelly eyes until I got home and uploaded the images! I definitely need to go back to the seaside and take some more macro shots.

Anyone know of any good rock pools???


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Posted by on November 8, 2011 in crabs, Ireland, macro, photography, sea side, sligo


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