What’s wrong with being a hermit?

04 Dec

Hi I’m Dan, remember me?

I have not had a good week. Even now, after having time to de-stress and think things over, I still feel that things aren’t good.I had a date with a girl I met whilst training for the scouts. This is as good a place to start as any. Obviously I was over the moon to be dating again and so soon after splitting with K. I was ready to start a new chapter of my life. Then we went on our date. It quickly became apparent that I had managed to find what I can only describe as a ‘nutter’. I definitely don’t have the knowledge or skill to pull of a successful date and sure as hell don’t think I’m good dating material. But L was a whole other biscuit. She continuously talked about her ex and explained a number of times how she’s ‘not a clingy’ person. She stared at me for about a minute straight which scared the life out of me (I mean, who does that???) I was ‘poked’ a few times and felt physically violated when she put her hands on my legs and when she grabbed my hand. I didn’t have the heart to say anything or do a runner, so I roughed it out. I’d like to say she asked me for my number but she didn’t. She stole my number, Brilliant! Just what I needed, a psychotic bunny boiler with my phone number. I tried the old ‘I’m not after a relationship, I just want to be friends’ line, which only seemed to make her more keen. In the end I resorted to dispersing of the face of the earth. I belive the military use the phrase ‘radio silence’. I didn’t reply to her texts or her phone calls. I felt evil in doing this but assumed that she’d soon get the message and move on to her next unsuspecting victim.

The dropping off the face of the earth bit wasn’t reserved for just L. Everyone I know seems to be coming down with a cold at the moment and seen as I already feel a little light headed I am avoiding them like the plague.I confined myself to my house and decided to break open the emergency 3rd episode of the Unit I had been saving for a rainy occasion. After watching half the series within 32 hours, I decided I’d need to order series 4 and ration the remaining episodes until Mr Postman paid me a visit. He did so promptly and I released the viewing floodgates.

C disappeared too. If it wasn’t for her regular posts on here, I’d have been worrying about her. She seems to be doing well for herself though. She has another love interest and a more positive outlook on life. We haven’t spoke in a while, this is probably a good thing, she seems happy and I’d only bring her back down with the way i’m feeling at the moment. We were ment to watch Dexter online together (had become a ritual of sorts) at the begging of the week. She text and asked if I was up for it, I replied with a hell yes and heard nothing more from her for the rest of the week. Here’s whats going through my brain…

1) The classic, She’s found this new guy who she likes and who likes her. She no longer has time for me as a friend that she hardly ever see’s. This has happened many a times before, so not that unbelievable really.

2) The wild card, She realises that my negative attitude is bad. She can be positive without talking to me. I bring her down. She decided (possibly through therapy) that she needs to cut all the dead weight from her life.

3) The mistake, Maybe she didn’t get my text and things I’m ignoring her. I know she tends to think far-fetched things like me. Maybe she thinks I don’t want her as a friend anymore.

4) Maybe I was only friends with the negative part of C, the part that the therapist made C leave behind on one of her appointments.  Maybe this new C doesn’t really know me at all.

5) She’s been speaking to K alot and decided that I’m not a very good person and I don’t deserve her friendship. Maybe she’s befriended K instead.

6) Bloody aliens got to her! They kidnapped her and replaced her with a little green martian who has been writing her blogs and doing her work to keep everyone from finding the truth.

What ever the reason, I miss her.

So to sum it up in short hand, I have become a marooned hermit who has lost his closest (figuratively not literally) friend and gained a psychotic bunny boiler who bombards me with texts and phone calls. Life goes on!




Posted by on December 4, 2011 in friends, getting away


2 responses to “What’s wrong with being a hermit?

  1. Hellosailor

    December 4, 2011 at 9:28 am

    I’m glad you gave me options. Its 3. You should have known that 😉 , 2,4 and 5 are wrong, 6 could partially be right, but I think that’s always been the case. I miss you too!!! What a pair we are :S

    • diabroticdan

      December 6, 2011 at 2:15 pm

      Glad thats sorted out. Blooy technology isn’t worth having. I’m going back to training my tortoises to carry messages long distances. They may be slow but they will be far more reliable once they are trained.


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