Moi at a glance

Thanks for taking the time to look… I’m Dan

Like a lot of young people today, I seem to be battling depression along with anxiety and a large dose of self loath as well on top of the usual cocktail of worries and stress’ that life throws at you.

I share a house with a Cat called Pan and my two tortoises Demitri and Herb. I’m currently in a very volatile relationship (not with the Cat). I’ve found that writing my feelings down help me to control my emotions and help me get my brain in order. This blog is to help me do just that as well as express my true thoughts with people who hopefully won’t judge and if they do, well I won’t care because I’m anonymous to a certain extent. My photography ill also benifit from other people’s views and i hope to learn something from you more experienced picture takers out there. constructive critisism helps me to improve, I’m always learning,

Photography is one thing that helps me to keep my head above the water, it keeps me occupied and gives me something to focus on. A few other things I enjoy doing in my spare time include gardening and volunteering as a scout leader for my local scouts group.

Enjoy my pictures and leave comments if you wish, I like to hear other people’s opinions. don’t be cruel though, I’s sensitive to harsh words!



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