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Ghost House


Yes it’s a door. It just seemed like the right time to use this picture as a talking point on here. I guess it could be to do with the fact that a lot of new doors have opened to me recently. Scouts being a major one, the possibilities and new things I can learn and do with the scouts are amazing. The thought of doing all those geeky camp and survival things makes me happy.Yes it’s a door. It just seemed like the right time to use this picture as a talking point on here. I guess it could be to do with the fact that a lot of new doors have opened to me recently. Scouts being a major one, the possibilities and new things I can learn and do with the scouts are amazing. The thought of doing all those geeky camp and survival things makes me happy.

I took this picture in Ireland. I decided to go for a long trek down some abandoned lane to see where it went. I was surprised to find this relatively new house a couple of miles down the lane in the middle of no where. I was even more surprised to see how overgrown the grounds around it had become, It was obvious that no one had lived there for the last couple of years at least. The contrast between the relatively new door and the aging thorn-bush growing up in front it really spoke to me. I wondered what the house would be like in the inside. It was set in an early spooky side of a hill with a small forest growing near by. There were no sounds at all which set my senses on edge. I could only manage a few pictures before running away with thoughts of ghosts watching me.

Every time I look at this picture, I think about the spooky house I found and wonder if any one has re-claimed it from nature yet.



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Are you looking at me?


I haven’t had much Of a chance to go out taking photos over Christmas. Mom has been over and it’s a full time job cleaning up after her, she’s so messy!
I downloaded an app called snapseed (it was free from apples 12 days of christmas). It took me a while to get use to using the app but once I did I was very happy with the results. I immediately decided to re-edit a load of old photos Id taken a while back. I was particularly pleased with this shot of a white Bengal tiger from west midlands safari park.


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Oh how I miss my Trek America trip. Every now and again I look back over my photos and remember all the god times I had, the amazing things I saw and the awesome people I met.

I honestly can’t remember another time in my life where I have felt so relaxed and at home. Yes the accommodation was basic but it was so refreshing just living on the essentials, not having to worry about anything. I miss the nights sat around the camp fire with a couple of Buds and a lot of good conversation.

This particular photo was taken on our second camp site, it was lovely. We set up right in the middle of a load of trees and even though it was raining we had a good time. We made chilli con carne that night and it was lovely. Usually I’m a fussy eater but it wa like a new me while I was out there, I ate anything anyone gave me and whats more, I enjoyed it. When life starts to get a little tough, I take a bit of time to sit and think about how I felt while I was over there. If anyone is considering going to with Trek America, I’d 100% recommend it, I can honestly say it was the best days of my life so far!


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Jiminy Cricket!

I found this little critter on my last trip to Spain. i always ake sure to take my Macro lens with me when I go, I love hunting around for their weird and wonderful insects and plants. I managed to tak a few of him whilst he was happy sat on his leaf and a number of shots where he’d jumped off and I hadn’t even noticed. that was a fairly productive day for my camera and I. I can’t remember the last day i woke up and thought, “right, all I plan on doing today is to take a load of pictures”.

i guess a trip to Spain is what the Dr is trying to perscribe, a place where I can rest and not worry about the little problems that day to day life brings whilst back at home. I think I take better pictures when stress free too. i tend to worry less about people stairing at me with my big camera and lens and focus more on my surroundings and whats going on.

I’m in a place at the moment where there’s no one I can go with though. I like going off for a few hours on my own but would probably find it boring going over there on my own. So for now, my next trip to sapin is on hold. Could have done with some sun too!



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Painting With Smoke

This was the result of a very fun photography lesson earlier on in the year. I chose this shot out of the range as it looks like two blokes shouting at each other with amazing elvis like hair.I added a red Hue to the image as the grey smoke was pretty boring. I then had to copy and flip the image in order to place it next to the original and produce the mirror image.

I’d like to do more things like this, It is very abstracty and I tend not to do well with that kind of thing (My imagination isn’t what it use to be) but dodn’t think I did too bad with the smoke photography ifI do say so myself.


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Sheds,Zoos,cars and xmas

Where to begin,

My new shed has been built (thanks granddad). The stress caused by taking down an old shed and erecting a new one is immense. I greatly underestimated it! All weekend was spend standing in the freezing cold moving and holding panels of timber together. Since the completion date on Sunday, I have done nothing to it! Its contents remain in my house, owning every nuck and cranny os space. I still have to add my excessive amount of locks and bolts to deter future thieves from stealing my valuables.

I’ve had a few opportunities to take photos this week too. I visited the British Transport Museum in Coventry ( I didn’t bump into any Walrus’). I did how ever manage to take a few pictures of some lovely cars. I found picture taking of cars rather difficult, the majority of them looked rather boring and ordinary. I did however take a few unusual pictures which can be viewed here…

I also visited Twycross Zoo this week. Just a warning to other zoo lovers, don’t go in December. It was so cold! Most of the animals stayed in doors behind glass (which made photo taking difficult) and I was shaking so much that it was hard to keep the camera steady. That’s my excuse for the lack of ‘ok’ photos any way.

I also felt the pressure of christmas today, I realised that I have very few presents for other people and christmas is creeping ever closer. I can already feel the anxiety building up. A major Amazon order is required I think. I need inspiration though. I’ve spent more time over the last month looking up things I want / need rather than clever ideas for other people.

If anyone has any good ideas for the following gift recipients, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mom – I have already got her the shoes that she has asked for (I wish everyone would tell me what they wanted, would make things far easier) I still need to get her a secondary small surprise gift…

Dad – Always tricky, he is a simple man who has everything he wants. I want to stray away from the luxury socks and DIY gifts.

Nan – She has asked for a few bottles of her fav wine – Black Tower. This stuff is only £3 a bottle so I fell the need to get her something a little better seen as she has helped me out the most with my house and everything.

Granddad – I had planned on getting him an Allotment plot. I asked him to come view one with me and he explained that he hasn’t got enough time to be messing about with one of them. That killed that idea. Now I have no clue  what to get him. Last years present was an Irish Whiskey gift set which he enjoyed.

Kel – The painfully selfish little sister who manages to get me the cheapest naffest t-shirt she can find. It’s the thought that counts.

A- The better little sis (Am I allowed to say that?). She hinted at a pair of Vans a few weeks ago, She doesn’t seem to have bought them so that’s that done. I may also pay for her tattoo if tattoo guy gets back to her with a design.

Uncle J – I don’t usually put a lot of thought into his gift, I don’t know him well enough.

C – I had a few ideas for her gift. I decided against them as they didn’t look like they cost as much as they did. I still reserve the idea as a back up if I can’t think of anything else.

Nan J – Usually gets some old woman smelly’s or some decorative candle contraption. Another hard one to buy for – I have absolutely nothing in common with a 65 year old lady!

Anna – Dad’s girlfriend. I ave to get her something nice, she spends a lot of money on me at Xmas and usually gets me something really nice. She’s into art and drawing ad likes a lot of the same things as me. Shouldn’t be as hard as it is!

They’re the main players.Ideas on the back of a postcard please or if your from this century – comment on the post or drop me an e-mail.


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What’s wrong with being a hermit?

Hi I’m Dan, remember me?

I have not had a good week. Even now, after having time to de-stress and think things over, I still feel that things aren’t good.I had a date with a girl I met whilst training for the scouts. This is as good a place to start as any. Obviously I was over the moon to be dating again and so soon after splitting with K. I was ready to start a new chapter of my life. Then we went on our date. It quickly became apparent that I had managed to find what I can only describe as a ‘nutter’. I definitely don’t have the knowledge or skill to pull of a successful date and sure as hell don’t think I’m good dating material. But L was a whole other biscuit. She continuously talked about her ex and explained a number of times how she’s ‘not a clingy’ person. She stared at me for about a minute straight which scared the life out of me (I mean, who does that???) I was ‘poked’ a few times and felt physically violated when she put her hands on my legs and when she grabbed my hand. I didn’t have the heart to say anything or do a runner, so I roughed it out. I’d like to say she asked me for my number but she didn’t. She stole my number, Brilliant! Just what I needed, a psychotic bunny boiler with my phone number. I tried the old ‘I’m not after a relationship, I just want to be friends’ line, which only seemed to make her more keen. In the end I resorted to dispersing of the face of the earth. I belive the military use the phrase ‘radio silence’. I didn’t reply to her texts or her phone calls. I felt evil in doing this but assumed that she’d soon get the message and move on to her next unsuspecting victim.

The dropping off the face of the earth bit wasn’t reserved for just L. Everyone I know seems to be coming down with a cold at the moment and seen as I already feel a little light headed I am avoiding them like the plague.I confined myself to my house and decided to break open the emergency 3rd episode of the Unit I had been saving for a rainy occasion. After watching half the series within 32 hours, I decided I’d need to order series 4 and ration the remaining episodes until Mr Postman paid me a visit. He did so promptly and I released the viewing floodgates.

C disappeared too. If it wasn’t for her regular posts on here, I’d have been worrying about her. She seems to be doing well for herself though. She has another love interest and a more positive outlook on life. We haven’t spoke in a while, this is probably a good thing, she seems happy and I’d only bring her back down with the way i’m feeling at the moment. We were ment to watch Dexter online together (had become a ritual of sorts) at the begging of the week. She text and asked if I was up for it, I replied with a hell yes and heard nothing more from her for the rest of the week. Here’s whats going through my brain…

1) The classic, She’s found this new guy who she likes and who likes her. She no longer has time for me as a friend that she hardly ever see’s. This has happened many a times before, so not that unbelievable really.

2) The wild card, She realises that my negative attitude is bad. She can be positive without talking to me. I bring her down. She decided (possibly through therapy) that she needs to cut all the dead weight from her life.

3) The mistake, Maybe she didn’t get my text and things I’m ignoring her. I know she tends to think far-fetched things like me. Maybe she thinks I don’t want her as a friend anymore.

4) Maybe I was only friends with the negative part of C, the part that the therapist made C leave behind on one of her appointments.  Maybe this new C doesn’t really know me at all.

5) She’s been speaking to K alot and decided that I’m not a very good person and I don’t deserve her friendship. Maybe she’s befriended K instead.

6) Bloody aliens got to her! They kidnapped her and replaced her with a little green martian who has been writing her blogs and doing her work to keep everyone from finding the truth.

What ever the reason, I miss her.

So to sum it up in short hand, I have become a marooned hermit who has lost his closest (figuratively not literally) friend and gained a psychotic bunny boiler who bombards me with texts and phone calls. Life goes on!




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