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Ghost House


Yes it’s a door. It just seemed like the right time to use this picture as a talking point on here. I guess it could be to do with the fact that a lot of new doors have opened to me recently. Scouts being a major one, the possibilities and new things I can learn and do with the scouts are amazing. The thought of doing all those geeky camp and survival things makes me happy.Yes it’s a door. It just seemed like the right time to use this picture as a talking point on here. I guess it could be to do with the fact that a lot of new doors have opened to me recently. Scouts being a major one, the possibilities and new things I can learn and do with the scouts are amazing. The thought of doing all those geeky camp and survival things makes me happy.

I took this picture in Ireland. I decided to go for a long trek down some abandoned lane to see where it went. I was surprised to find this relatively new house a couple of miles down the lane in the middle of no where. I was even more surprised to see how overgrown the grounds around it had become, It was obvious that no one had lived there for the last couple of years at least. The contrast between the relatively new door and the aging thorn-bush growing up in front it really spoke to me. I wondered what the house would be like in the inside. It was set in an early spooky side of a hill with a small forest growing near by. There were no sounds at all which set my senses on edge. I could only manage a few pictures before running away with thoughts of ghosts watching me.

Every time I look at this picture, I think about the spooky house I found and wonder if any one has re-claimed it from nature yet.



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Are you looking at me?


I haven’t had much Of a chance to go out taking photos over Christmas. Mom has been over and it’s a full time job cleaning up after her, she’s so messy!
I downloaded an app called snapseed (it was free from apples 12 days of christmas). It took me a while to get use to using the app but once I did I was very happy with the results. I immediately decided to re-edit a load of old photos Id taken a while back. I was particularly pleased with this shot of a white Bengal tiger from west midlands safari park.


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Jiminy Cricket!

I found this little critter on my last trip to Spain. i always ake sure to take my Macro lens with me when I go, I love hunting around for their weird and wonderful insects and plants. I managed to tak a few of him whilst he was happy sat on his leaf and a number of shots where he’d jumped off and I hadn’t even noticed. that was a fairly productive day for my camera and I. I can’t remember the last day i woke up and thought, “right, all I plan on doing today is to take a load of pictures”.

i guess a trip to Spain is what the Dr is trying to perscribe, a place where I can rest and not worry about the little problems that day to day life brings whilst back at home. I think I take better pictures when stress free too. i tend to worry less about people stairing at me with my big camera and lens and focus more on my surroundings and whats going on.

I’m in a place at the moment where there’s no one I can go with though. I like going off for a few hours on my own but would probably find it boring going over there on my own. So for now, my next trip to sapin is on hold. Could have done with some sun too!



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I’m no Nazi

Lost all hope in people today. So I’ll stick to a photo.

This is one of the first photos I took with my Macro 100mm lens. Soo as I got it I took it round to my nans garden (It’s much bigger and has a stronger variant of plant types and colours)

This is a particular favourite of mine as it combined two of my past times. I got to spend a few hours wandering around the garden lost in my own little world looking for visitors. There’s something relaxing about having nothing to do and a big open garden to do it in. No pressure, no time restraints, just nature. Many of times I  have found myself day dreaming in the summer sunshine with bird song in the back ground.

This little hover fly was a very easy model to work with. He landed right in front of me and gave me plenty of time to get a comfortable position and take the photo. I was just messing about with the camera at the time but I’m fairly pleased with the result.

I often wonder how simple life must be for him. Yes im sure he has pressures and fears like everybody but ow aware of them is he? It must be sch a simple life to just have to worry about getting food, reproducing and not being eaten yourself.

I thought about his before, why do animals have the instinct to reproduce? Why do they fight to death with other males of the species to ‘win’ the rights to mate with a female. Obviously, as a species they have to reproduce to survive an obviously, the stronger of the species is required to mate in order to strengthen the species but do they actually think that? Is that whats going through their head?

I think humans should have this basic natural behaviour too (It wouldn’t help me out much. I’m definitely not a stronger member of the species or the smartest, so my chances of mating if we did behave like this is kind of on a par with my chances at the moment). I don’t think animals have the capacity to think about the future past their current life time. I know some species prepare for the future of themselves and their little ones but it’s no the same. If we did this though, think what the possibilities for future humans. If the strongest mated with the smartest then future generations would get smarter and stronger. Instead People with money sleep with girls with big fake boobs.he sense in that? Where’s the evolutionary progress there? Ok I suppose most blokes who sleep with those kind of women don’t have reproduction on their mind. If come to the conclusion that humans are stupid, me included!

After proof reading this post – It has come to my attention that I may come across a bit Nazi-ish with the whole ‘ further the human race by pairing of the stronger / smarter individuals) I guess there’s a fine line between common sence, nature and insane phycoticness



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Armistice Day

Today is Armistice Day.. The day remember the fallen heros in conflicts throughout the world and those that are still with us, fighting for our benifits. It’s also a svery special day as its the 11/11/11. This is the one date in our calender where all the numbers are the same (Im not counting 10/10/10 or other such dates as it has a 1 and a 0 at its very basic structure). I woke up with this on my mind. Like something special was supposed to happen or i was ment to make it memorable and diffrent from every other day. This put a tupid amount of pressure on me, I didn’t know what I was supppose to do but all day this feeling was there. I didn’t have a very pleasent day.

I didn’t make a wish at 11.11 either. This greatly annoyed me, especially as I read C’s blog only hours before hand where she explains that 11/11/11 at 11.11 deserves an extra special wish. I feel like I have missed out now.

Only one other person know’s this… I tried to join the army once. It was shortly after the big split with Z. I’d not long returned from NY where I’s stood at the foot of the now non exostent World Trade Centre. It was a weird feeling, knowing that your standing on the spot where thousands of people died. It made me angry thinking of all the people that lost their parners or dads,moms etc etc. when I got back to the UK, the first thing I did was go for an interview with the army. I filled in all the paperwork, took their tests and passed with flying colours. I even opted out of going straight in as a Leuitenant and chose to be a private in the infantry. Unfortunatly i failed on my medical. Apparently I’m in a higher thret level because I have a metal plate. I was so upset, I had prepared to leave my old life behind and do something useful with my life. Today reminds me of the fact that I’ll never be able to fight for my country.

I know this isn’t exactly modern warfare. But it’s the only topical picture I have. This is a USA cicil war canon in Pittsburg, Pensylvania, another place where thousands of soldiers died for what they beliveved in. How science and times have changed. the nearest I’ll see to war is Modern Warfare 3 on my PS3. Today I will play as if I was really at war.


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San Federico

Spain is a wonderful place. This was taken on a little beach down beside the Balcon De Europe in Nerja Costa Del Sol. The warmth of the sun has a calming effect on my mind and all but eradicates my anxiety problems. The sun also makes for excellent photography conditions. The more light there is, the easier it is to get the right settings to correctly expose the shot (I find anyway)

The boat above made the beach seem a  little less touristy and a little more rustic. I’d been searching the area for  natural photos of the area without anything touristy getting in the way. I find the authentic Spain much more appealing than that side of it. This was taken last time I visited Nerja. My nan has a villa there so I go as often as I can. Next time I think I’ll hire a car and adventure further in land to the less developed areas, I think I’ll find some interesting subjects there.

Spain is one of the first countries other than my home country that I have felt comfortable in visiting on my own. Part of this must be done to the fact that I’ve been many times before and know a little about the place and partly because I passed GCSE Spanish whilst at school. unfortunately I didn’t keep the language up after so I lost most of it. I can still form basic sentences and know a good amount of words to get by whilst there.

It occurred to me that I have bought most people who are close to me to Spain at some point during my life. I have plenty of happy memories from all these people whilst being with them in spain and look forward to having many more happy memories with people who I haven’t yet had to chance to go with.

As mentioned in one of my former blogs, Spain is one of the places I’d run away to to escape everything

Happy Viewing



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Old Mr Jelly Eyes

This little critter came from a small rock pool in Sligo, Ireland. I was in two minds whether to bring my new toy (Canon 100mm macro lens) It’s not the lightest of lens and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Water and Lens’ don’t mix well. Not to mention sand and an uneven surface. Visions of  slipping on a rock pool and falling head first into a rock pool, smashing my lens into 1000 pieces aswell as cutting my face beyond recognition entered my head. I enjoy taking macro shots and found it hard which one to write about. You can see other macro pictures I have taken here.

Besides all these negative factors, I decided to take it. The thought of getting a close up of a crab outweighed all the negatives. I use to love rock pooling and searching for crabs when I was younger. I could spend hours and hours hoping around the jagged rocks in Wales searching for anything that moved. It bought me back to my youth.

This little critter was barely bigger than my finger tip. I followed him for a while before he stood still long enough for me to take a few shots. I never even noticed his jelly eyes until I got home and uploaded the images! I definitely need to go back to the seaside and take some more macro shots.

Anyone know of any good rock pools???


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