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Hello again

I haven’t felt like blogging much lately. Up untill now, a lot of the things that have happened since I blogged last, have been things I don’t particularly want to remember. Looking back I suppose they weren’t that bad, they’re just not that good either.

I’ll focus on the good…. I got my new bike, (no thanks to you lot). It currently residing in my grandads shed until my new one arrives. I have the fear that it will be liberated from my crummy old shed. I’m looking forward to cycling again. Nothing more relaxing than cycling around listening to some good music. Therapeutic and good exercise!

A close friend of mine had a baby girl a few days ago. Little L was only 6 lbs and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I managed to visit her and hold the youngest human I’ve ever held at only 12 hours old. I’ve always grown up around kids.I am the oldest in my family and have a number of brothers and sisters that I can remember being young, not to mention my cousins! I like having kids around. I’m sure I’ve said something along these lines before – They’re more open and easier to talk to, they don’t complicate matters and say what they really mean and to top it off, If you upset them, they’re really easy to make up with. Although I’m not related to L, I was ecstatic when A asked if I would be little L’s god father. I don’t consider myself to be big-headed about anything really but I think I’d make a very good god parent. I become attached to people very easy and little L is no exception. I’m a little geeky and generous so hopefully I’ll be able to help her out with things throughout her life if she needs me. I’ll always be there for her. (Easy to say now, I know). This is the closest I’ve got to having my own child which I’m looking forward to.

I’ve wanted a tattoo to commemorate my Trek America holiday for some time now. I don’t go into things lightly though and have to think over non important things way more than I should before coming to a conclusion. To me though, this wasn’t a small deal. This was my first tattoo and I wanted to make sure hat it was something relevant and would remind me of America aswell as being something that I hopefully wouldn’t get bored with. Did I mention I’m scared of needles too!!!! Another big factor in me dragging my heels on the tattoo matter. I watched A have his done a weeks back and decided that it wasn’t that bad and I’m muster up the courage and get it done. I eventually took a pic in of what I wanted and explained a few changes (I’d have drawn it myself but I’m crap at that sort of thing, my attempt came out like a bird that had gone 10 rounds in a ring with an elephant, made its way down a mile of fast flowing rapids and then cooked tenderly on a BBQ until medium – over down.)

This is the picture I gave Tattoo Guy and the tattoo I got in the end…..


I used my camera-phone so apologies for that bad image.

Anyhow, I’m glad I finally got it done.

Scouts training. Another thing that took up a lot of my time last week. This, although very tedious, ended up being good. I met a few new people with the same interests in me and had fun. I also managed to get a date out of it. Too early to talk about that though, I’ll leave that for another blog.

I’m determined to make next week a positive week!



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I’m no Nazi

Lost all hope in people today. So I’ll stick to a photo.

This is one of the first photos I took with my Macro 100mm lens. Soo as I got it I took it round to my nans garden (It’s much bigger and has a stronger variant of plant types and colours)

This is a particular favourite of mine as it combined two of my past times. I got to spend a few hours wandering around the garden lost in my own little world looking for visitors. There’s something relaxing about having nothing to do and a big open garden to do it in. No pressure, no time restraints, just nature. Many of times I  have found myself day dreaming in the summer sunshine with bird song in the back ground.

This little hover fly was a very easy model to work with. He landed right in front of me and gave me plenty of time to get a comfortable position and take the photo. I was just messing about with the camera at the time but I’m fairly pleased with the result.

I often wonder how simple life must be for him. Yes im sure he has pressures and fears like everybody but ow aware of them is he? It must be sch a simple life to just have to worry about getting food, reproducing and not being eaten yourself.

I thought about his before, why do animals have the instinct to reproduce? Why do they fight to death with other males of the species to ‘win’ the rights to mate with a female. Obviously, as a species they have to reproduce to survive an obviously, the stronger of the species is required to mate in order to strengthen the species but do they actually think that? Is that whats going through their head?

I think humans should have this basic natural behaviour too (It wouldn’t help me out much. I’m definitely not a stronger member of the species or the smartest, so my chances of mating if we did behave like this is kind of on a par with my chances at the moment). I don’t think animals have the capacity to think about the future past their current life time. I know some species prepare for the future of themselves and their little ones but it’s no the same. If we did this though, think what the possibilities for future humans. If the strongest mated with the smartest then future generations would get smarter and stronger. Instead People with money sleep with girls with big fake boobs.he sense in that? Where’s the evolutionary progress there? Ok I suppose most blokes who sleep with those kind of women don’t have reproduction on their mind. If come to the conclusion that humans are stupid, me included!

After proof reading this post – It has come to my attention that I may come across a bit Nazi-ish with the whole ‘ further the human race by pairing of the stronger / smarter individuals) I guess there’s a fine line between common sence, nature and insane phycoticness



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To Do list

Sorry I havent been posting as regularly as usual…

I havent been feeling too good. For quite some time now I have been feeling dizzy and light headed. I usually get a lot of headaches and can deal with them, but feeling light headed for this length of time has started to worry me. I guess it’s time to visit my not so local GP and see what he has to say on the matter. I don’t like going to my GP, I’ve spent a lot of time there in the past for various reasons I wont go into today. I know it’s just me making this up but I really feel like he see’s me as a time waster. I feel that I’m wasting other patient’s time, the people who are more worthy of the Doc’s time. Today, my fear of the unknown and the fear that something might be really wrong and I can stop it if I get seen early enough.

Next thing – I had my 1 to 1 with my boss today. We have them every quarterly to discuss any issues we may have. I tend to keep quite while nodding and agreeing with everything he says. Today though, he asked me a very difficult question. Where do I see myself in 5 years. How the hell am I suppose to answer that when I tent to live on a week by week basis! I’m not that good at the job I do, I stress over not knowing things that I feel I should know by now. This is my 1st real job since leaving college. I’ve been doing the same kind of things for BT for the past 7 years! I don’t even know what else I could be doing let alone where I see myself or where I want to be. The simple answer is surviving.

On a more positive note. I finally got an allotment ( I know what your thinking, how typically old man-ish of me) and you’d probably be right. The thought of having a nice symmetrical plot of land to organise and ‘fix’ excites me. I’ve already strated graphical ‘geeky’ drawings of what I want and where. I’m currently shed hunting. I’m going to take my old small shed and stick it on my allotment so I can keep a few things there under lock and key. Then I’ll get a nice newbig new one for my house. This should tie in nicely with my new bike arriving. I have lot’s of things to keep be occupied now! I know, The highlight of my week is getting an allotment and buying a new shed – sad!

Soooo Today’s list of things to do are,

1. Try and find my doc’s new number and make an appointment

2. Finally decide on which of the three bikes I’m going to get. (Took me about 3 hours of review reading to come up with the short list – I may need help from you guys on this)



3. Find and order a new shed that is both well priced and good quality (Harder than you’d think)

4. Book my car in to be fixed (It’s having a few mental problems too – like owner like car!)

5. Buy my scouts leader uniform

6. Choose and buy a nice new set of garden tools for the allotment (more veg / fruit seeds need to be chosen too)

Ok I guess I’m not going to get all of this done today alone. But with the help of my new ‘To Do’ app on my phone, I’m able to write it all done and tick off the things I have done – panic averted!


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Traffic Lights

I really need to go somewhere nice and take some good photos. Anyone have any suggestions?

I used these peppers for my still life assignment that I have to hand in on Monday (I’m doing a NCFE level 2 in photography by the way). I’ve always liked the vivid colours of fresh peppers and I know it’s been done many times before but I’ve been having a very unispirational week. I also tried the ‘fruit bowl’ shot. Mehh I don’t think  still life is for me really.



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Armistice Day

Today is Armistice Day.. The day remember the fallen heros in conflicts throughout the world and those that are still with us, fighting for our benifits. It’s also a svery special day as its the 11/11/11. This is the one date in our calender where all the numbers are the same (Im not counting 10/10/10 or other such dates as it has a 1 and a 0 at its very basic structure). I woke up with this on my mind. Like something special was supposed to happen or i was ment to make it memorable and diffrent from every other day. This put a tupid amount of pressure on me, I didn’t know what I was supppose to do but all day this feeling was there. I didn’t have a very pleasent day.

I didn’t make a wish at 11.11 either. This greatly annoyed me, especially as I read C’s blog only hours before hand where she explains that 11/11/11 at 11.11 deserves an extra special wish. I feel like I have missed out now.

Only one other person know’s this… I tried to join the army once. It was shortly after the big split with Z. I’d not long returned from NY where I’s stood at the foot of the now non exostent World Trade Centre. It was a weird feeling, knowing that your standing on the spot where thousands of people died. It made me angry thinking of all the people that lost their parners or dads,moms etc etc. when I got back to the UK, the first thing I did was go for an interview with the army. I filled in all the paperwork, took their tests and passed with flying colours. I even opted out of going straight in as a Leuitenant and chose to be a private in the infantry. Unfortunatly i failed on my medical. Apparently I’m in a higher thret level because I have a metal plate. I was so upset, I had prepared to leave my old life behind and do something useful with my life. Today reminds me of the fact that I’ll never be able to fight for my country.

I know this isn’t exactly modern warfare. But it’s the only topical picture I have. This is a USA cicil war canon in Pittsburg, Pensylvania, another place where thousands of soldiers died for what they beliveved in. How science and times have changed. the nearest I’ll see to war is Modern Warfare 3 on my PS3. Today I will play as if I was really at war.


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Sally Seal

Normal Service Resumed. I’m over my little rant now and feel the need to share a photo with you.

I’d love to tell you some wild story about the capture of this critter on camera…So I will

For the purposes of this fictional story, I will call this Seal Sally. (I’m sure C would be able to enlighten us with the breed of Seal. At which point I may return to this post and change Sally’s name)

Right. so I was swimming though lake Erie on my way to lake Ontario when I came into a spot of bother. You see I had been swimming for a good 24 hours now and I was starting to feel a little tired. I couldn’t stop though. I had a plane to catch. So I called up Sally while treading water. I know what your thinking, what would a seal be doing with a ‘cell phone’,(whilst in Rome).  They clearly don’t make enough money to be able to afford a price plan. Thanks to Orange though (Other phone carriers are available), Sally was able to take out a contract on their Seal plan. anyway back to the story… Sally turned up and was happy to give me a lift. I was grateful for the ride, my arms and legs were killing me. I must admit though, I did feel a little embarrassed when a school of Mackerel swam past laughing at me. I’d like to take the time to explain to you that I don’t usually accept lifts from female Seal’s but I was in a hurry!  I was debating with Sally as to which slip stream from the water surface high way we should take when I realised that we’d picked up speed. I realised we were heading for The Niagara falls (well not all three of them, Just the biggest, baddest and most terrible of the falls) It was too late to turn back, Sally wasn’t powerful enough to out swim the currents of the menacing fall, Besides, I would have been late if we turned back. We managed to fins some purchase on a rock island in the middle of the fast flowing water. We discussed plans on how to meet up at the bottom of the falls. unfortunately it was a Sunday, everyone knows that seal’s flock to under side of Niagara fall’s to shower on a Sunday. Without being racist I explained to Sally that all seals look the same to me and I wouldn’t be able tell her from Joe (who is a lovely seal by the way) We laughed as she explained that all us humans look the same to her too and that there were loads of them flocking around to perv over the showering seals. We decided to take photo’s of each other with our waterproof camera (all bases covered see). She took a lovely picture of me with my cheeks ballooned with as much ait in them as possible and my arms flailing around like mad, as this is likely to be the pose I’ll be in when we meet on the other side. Just as I was about to take my picture of her, a very busy pelican flew into me, he was speeding and talking with an ear piece (obviously a very important business pelican). He apologised as he flew off but the damage had been done. I lost my balance and fell in quickly making my way towards the falls.Sally dived in after me knowing that if I went over the edge without a photo it would take us hours to sift through the mess of Humans, Seals and water to find each other. This would definitely result in me missing my flight, Sally would be late for her performance too (She’d spend months perfecting her seal show at Tamper bay). Sally extended her flipper as I was going over the edge and grabbed my arm. With my free arm I was able to stable myself and take a picture of her as she tried her hardest to drag me back to the top and the safety of the rock. (Slightly unbelievable I know, It’s difficult to take a picture with one hand)
We both fell down the water fall together. I found the time to have a quick wash and go to the toilet. There’s just no room in those airplane water closets! It all worked out well. We used the photos to ID each other and we were on  our way in little under 8 minutes. I made my flight and arrived back to the UK on time. Sally managed to arrive at her performance on time and won the hearts of both seals and humans a like. The busy Business pelican received a 10 fish fine and was late to his meeting. (Justice!)

Back to reality (Do I have to?). I took this photo in the Smithsonian. Yes it is a stuffed seal and yes it was hanging from the ceiling. Told you the truth was far less interesting!!!


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