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Where did I leave my keys?

This was taken during one of my many trips to Chester Zoo. Others will disagree but I consider it to be the best zoo in the country. ( I suppose I haven’t been to all of them) The animals all seem really happy and lively here, I disagree that animals should be kept locked up instead of roaming around free in most cases anyway, but I also understand that some times it’s necessary.

As someone who likes the uniqueness and millions of different variations between animals all around the world, It is a great opportunity to see these animals without traveling millions of miles and spending millions of pounds. It also makes photographing them a much easier task, lugging bags and bags of camera equipment across open ground whilst trying to spot a wild animal would be very difficult. Then there’s the fact tat wild animals aren’t use to humans, So the chances of me getting close enough with my little ameture lens would be extremely low.

The only problem with Zoo’s (from a photographer’s point of view (not that  class myself as one)), is the amount of fence, glass and caging to keep the animals in and humans out. Luckily the meerkat enclosure at Chester Zoo has an open section from about waist height upwards. This allowed me to get this shot of a young meerkat without any obstructions. It’s sad to see a family of wild animals become so sensitized to humans. Makes me wonder though, if Zoo’s didn’t exist, would more people want to go on safari type holidays to see these animals or would people try harder to acquire these animals as pets? Maybe it’s a case of sparing a few for the good of many.

Either way, I enjoy going to zoos and seeing animals that I wouldn’t usually see. I enjoy reviewing my photos and remembering all the wonderful animals I saw during the day. If other people enjoy looking at them, then it’s an extra bonus. Other photo’s taken at Chester Zoo by myself can be found here

I’d love to be able to make money from my pictures but A) I don’t think they’re good enough to sell nad B) If they were, I wouldn’t know where to start. Who would I go to and ask for a job? I’d love to be an official photographer for Chester Zoo, I’d even take pictures for them for free. Would be awesome to see one of my photos on their advertisements or banners at the Zoo. If anyone has any contacts, please let me know…



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