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Useless Facts and Captivating Stories

4 books –

1. The hunger games trilogy. I have to mention these. I’m currently reading the third one.

The first book of the three (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins) was given to me by Jemma whilst I was in america. We were sitting on her bed in the Hosteling International NY. I spend my last few hours in America chatting to her and feeling sorry for myself ( and eating the biggest greasiest slice of pizza in the world). I don’t know how we got onto the topic of books, but we decided to swap. I had a book called Left Behind, which I’ll talk about next. It was a good idea to swap books. I had a long journey on my own ahead of me and knew that I’d be missing her after spending the majority of the last two weeks with her. I got to the airport extra early, paranoid that I’d miss my train / flight. the anxiety felt when the train was 20 minutes late was immense! Lugging my bag around a very busy Pen station in New York is not my idea of fun at the best of times! Once sat at the airport, 3 hours early, I began to relax. I wished Jemma was with me. It was then that I remembered her book and began reading it. I became engrossed. It’s set in the future (not sure how far). It centres around a Mayor of the world i guess, who decides to punish his residence for an earlier uprising. Each year, two children under tha ge of 14 from each district have to compete to the death in a very large arena. It is televised for all to see, Kind of like a more exciting version of big Brother. I don’t do it any justice but it’s good. My days of doing english Lit at college are forcing me to read into the storyline and compare it to today’s society and the idealism’s that the author has. I’ll spare you all the ear ache though. Needless to say, reading the book made me feel close to Jemma even though i knew the chances of seeing her again were very unlikely. 

2. The left behind series. Ok a disclosure is required here. Yes i know they are religious books based on the rapture and second coming of the lord. Yes I have read all 13 books in the series. No I’m not a particularly religious person, I just enjoyed the story line. I was bought up a Catholic. every sunday up untill the age of 14 or so I went to mass with my mom. I know all about the rapture and judgement day and remember being scared shitless of it as a child. My life changed when I discovered girls and started thinking for myself. I think the church is very hypocritical at times and greedy. They have the cheek to host CAFOD once a year ( Catholic Association For Over Seas Development) where your suppose to give up something for lent and donate the money saved to help others. All very good in principle but is dwarfed by the fact that the Vatican is the richest country in the world and sits upon millions and millions of pounds worth of famous paintings, works of art and literature. Oh well, let’s not get into a heated debate about all this right now. The books managed to use all the info from Revelations and portray it in a modern setting. It deals with biblical events but entwines them in a story line that is both believable and relatable to the reader. I read these books when I was younger and decided to re-read them recently. I managed to finish the 1st book in the series while in America before giving it to Jemma. Oh and as a little side line – the ‘devil’  strongly reminds me of President Obama!!!

3. Nick Stone series – Nick Stone is a fictional character in a series of books written by Andy McNab. This character spans over 13 of Andy’s books in total. Andy uses his past experiences as an SAS soldier to provide in depth detail. nick Stone is a ‘deniable operative’ kind of like a spy really. I like these books because Nick Stone is very logical. it’s good to see how he deals with certain situations that a rise throughout the books. I tend to imagine myself in his situations and think about how I would act or what I would do next. Needless to say, I’d crap myself and have a massive panic attack if anything remotely as stressful happened in my life! They’re a good read, even for women.  The 1st few books center around nick trying to keep imself and his friends daughter alive after her family were killed by profesionals. the way the realationship evolves between the two as they are thrown head first into some seriously scary situations is brilliant.


4. The Dangerous Book For Boys – A slightly less serious book, but fun non the less. I tend to think of it as a guide to being male. It’s full of useful facts and geeky skills. Most of the things I have learnt from this book, I have never needed yo use before  but they were fun to read about at the time. The problem is, my memory is as useful as a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Unless I use these newly acquired skills, I tens to forget all about them. still, it means I get to read the book all over again and reacquaint myself with the totally useless but interesting knowledge inside.



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