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Ghost House


Yes it’s a door. It just seemed like the right time to use this picture as a talking point on here. I guess it could be to do with the fact that a lot of new doors have opened to me recently. Scouts being a major one, the possibilities and new things I can learn and do with the scouts are amazing. The thought of doing all those geeky camp and survival things makes me happy.Yes it’s a door. It just seemed like the right time to use this picture as a talking point on here. I guess it could be to do with the fact that a lot of new doors have opened to me recently. Scouts being a major one, the possibilities and new things I can learn and do with the scouts are amazing. The thought of doing all those geeky camp and survival things makes me happy.

I took this picture in Ireland. I decided to go for a long trek down some abandoned lane to see where it went. I was surprised to find this relatively new house a couple of miles down the lane in the middle of no where. I was even more surprised to see how overgrown the grounds around it had become, It was obvious that no one had lived there for the last couple of years at least. The contrast between the relatively new door and the aging thorn-bush growing up in front it really spoke to me. I wondered what the house would be like in the inside. It was set in an early spooky side of a hill with a small forest growing near by. There were no sounds at all which set my senses on edge. I could only manage a few pictures before running away with thoughts of ghosts watching me.

Every time I look at this picture, I think about the spooky house I found and wonder if any one has re-claimed it from nature yet.



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Are you looking at me?


I haven’t had much Of a chance to go out taking photos over Christmas. Mom has been over and it’s a full time job cleaning up after her, she’s so messy!
I downloaded an app called snapseed (it was free from apples 12 days of christmas). It took me a while to get use to using the app but once I did I was very happy with the results. I immediately decided to re-edit a load of old photos Id taken a while back. I was particularly pleased with this shot of a white Bengal tiger from west midlands safari park.


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Jiminy Cricket!

I found this little critter on my last trip to Spain. i always ake sure to take my Macro lens with me when I go, I love hunting around for their weird and wonderful insects and plants. I managed to tak a few of him whilst he was happy sat on his leaf and a number of shots where he’d jumped off and I hadn’t even noticed. that was a fairly productive day for my camera and I. I can’t remember the last day i woke up and thought, “right, all I plan on doing today is to take a load of pictures”.

i guess a trip to Spain is what the Dr is trying to perscribe, a place where I can rest and not worry about the little problems that day to day life brings whilst back at home. I think I take better pictures when stress free too. i tend to worry less about people stairing at me with my big camera and lens and focus more on my surroundings and whats going on.

I’m in a place at the moment where there’s no one I can go with though. I like going off for a few hours on my own but would probably find it boring going over there on my own. So for now, my next trip to sapin is on hold. Could have done with some sun too!



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San Federico

Spain is a wonderful place. This was taken on a little beach down beside the Balcon De Europe in Nerja Costa Del Sol. The warmth of the sun has a calming effect on my mind and all but eradicates my anxiety problems. The sun also makes for excellent photography conditions. The more light there is, the easier it is to get the right settings to correctly expose the shot (I find anyway)

The boat above made the beach seem a  little less touristy and a little more rustic. I’d been searching the area for  natural photos of the area without anything touristy getting in the way. I find the authentic Spain much more appealing than that side of it. This was taken last time I visited Nerja. My nan has a villa there so I go as often as I can. Next time I think I’ll hire a car and adventure further in land to the less developed areas, I think I’ll find some interesting subjects there.

Spain is one of the first countries other than my home country that I have felt comfortable in visiting on my own. Part of this must be done to the fact that I’ve been many times before and know a little about the place and partly because I passed GCSE Spanish whilst at school. unfortunately I didn’t keep the language up after so I lost most of it. I can still form basic sentences and know a good amount of words to get by whilst there.

It occurred to me that I have bought most people who are close to me to Spain at some point during my life. I have plenty of happy memories from all these people whilst being with them in spain and look forward to having many more happy memories with people who I haven’t yet had to chance to go with.

As mentioned in one of my former blogs, Spain is one of the places I’d run away to to escape everything

Happy Viewing



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remember remember…

Yesterday I went to watch American Football and fireworks at Birmingham University. I’ve never watched this sport before and found it quote exciting. The atmosphere was great did I mention they had cheerleaders too!

I met up with the rest of my photography peers around 5 and proceeded to talk about the camera settings we’d have to use to be able to capture the action with the lack of lighting. I got more confident with taking pictures and decided to hop over the fence and stand with the players on the bench. This was very exciting, I felt like I was in the middle of the game, this was a good thing until 20st of man came crashing down at my feet with another 15th on top of him, for a minute there I thought my camera was going up to Canon heaven.

After the 1st half, I decided to put my camera away and enjoy the rest of the game, besides, It was getting far too cold to keep my hands out of my coat pockets.

The fireworks werent the best, i didn’t expect them to be that good. It was free after all. Still, I got the opportunity to use the bulb setting on my camera. This resulted in a picture of 3 or 4 fireworks that went off at different times being recorded on a single photo.

all in all it was a good evening. You know  the drill by now… Click here to see other photos from my 5th November album.


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Angry Cow

Why is this cow so angry you ask? Well, i can only imagine it had something to do with me sitting in his field for 20 minutes until he became comfortable enough to get close to me, then sticking a big black camera in his face. Truth is, he didn’t seem that angry in real life, it must just be the camera angle or something.

I consider this to be one of my favourite photos I have taken, I have my aunt to thank for it. She gave me the idea whilst we were in Ireland.

both my 3 out of my 4 grandparents are from Ireland and my mom’s mom and dad use to take my sister and I to Ireland every year during the summer holiday for two weeks. It’s a lovely place, very quaint and agricultural. Leitrim is where my granddad is from. He inherited the small cottage from his mother when she passed away. I remember her when she was a live. She lived all by herself half way up a hill surrounded by fields and small country lanes, I felt sorry for her. There was no TV or internet. I’m not sure why my sister and I enjoyed going there too much.

My granddad use to take me fishing down at the river. We use to trek a mile or so down river to find a good spot where the water was deeper and slower. We’d spend hours moving around and catching fish. We caught wild river trout. They were beautiful fish with blue and pink bellies and dark ‘freckles’ on top.We’d let the smaller fish go and bring the bigger ones back home to eat. I never ate them though. I don’t like fish at the best of times but especially not when I saw it a live a few hours earlier.

I love being surrounded by nature, I still go back to Ireland occasionally, just for a few days at a time. It’s a relaxing place that feels separate from the rest of the world, time doesn’t exist. I spent hours walking up the hills taking pictures last time I was there and didn’t realise how late it was until it started getting dark. Again, you can see the rest of my Ireland photos here

I’ll always have a connection to Ireland




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Where did I leave my keys?

This was taken during one of my many trips to Chester Zoo. Others will disagree but I consider it to be the best zoo in the country. ( I suppose I haven’t been to all of them) The animals all seem really happy and lively here, I disagree that animals should be kept locked up instead of roaming around free in most cases anyway, but I also understand that some times it’s necessary.

As someone who likes the uniqueness and millions of different variations between animals all around the world, It is a great opportunity to see these animals without traveling millions of miles and spending millions of pounds. It also makes photographing them a much easier task, lugging bags and bags of camera equipment across open ground whilst trying to spot a wild animal would be very difficult. Then there’s the fact tat wild animals aren’t use to humans, So the chances of me getting close enough with my little ameture lens would be extremely low.

The only problem with Zoo’s (from a photographer’s point of view (not that  class myself as one)), is the amount of fence, glass and caging to keep the animals in and humans out. Luckily the meerkat enclosure at Chester Zoo has an open section from about waist height upwards. This allowed me to get this shot of a young meerkat without any obstructions. It’s sad to see a family of wild animals become so sensitized to humans. Makes me wonder though, if Zoo’s didn’t exist, would more people want to go on safari type holidays to see these animals or would people try harder to acquire these animals as pets? Maybe it’s a case of sparing a few for the good of many.

Either way, I enjoy going to zoos and seeing animals that I wouldn’t usually see. I enjoy reviewing my photos and remembering all the wonderful animals I saw during the day. If other people enjoy looking at them, then it’s an extra bonus. Other photo’s taken at Chester Zoo by myself can be found here

I’d love to be able to make money from my pictures but A) I don’t think they’re good enough to sell nad B) If they were, I wouldn’t know where to start. Who would I go to and ask for a job? I’d love to be an official photographer for Chester Zoo, I’d even take pictures for them for free. Would be awesome to see one of my photos on their advertisements or banners at the Zoo. If anyone has any contacts, please let me know…



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