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Only fools fall in love

Day two of the ten day challenge – 9 loves.
Love is a strong word. I know for a fact that there’s not 9 people in this world that I love but luckily I love other things aswell.

Before I get into listing the things and people I love, I just want to make it clear that I hat the fact that we as humans need to love. I have never been happy single and always wanted to both be loved and to love someone. It’s a highly annoying emotion and life wold be much simpler without it. As far as loving people goes – there are a number of different ways in which I love people, there’s family and friends love, theres relationship love and theres the kind of people who you just love being around. I’ve been in love twice now and strongly believe that your capacity to love is greatly reduced every time you have your heart broken. My intensity of love seems to be less we each new partner. right enough soppy crap, let’s get this thing started…

1. First place has to go to my cat Pan. I love Pan more than anything in the world. He’s a loyal, playful cat who comes and sits on my lap most nights for a fuss. He’s always there to greet me when I come home.

2. My camera. Yes I love my camera. It makes me feel happy, especially when I take a picture that I like and other people comment on it. I love the fact that I know it inside and out. Sounds stupid I know but it is something that I’d be upset to see go, I know it can be replaced but the camera that would replace it wouldn’t be the same. It’s a Canon rebel xsi (or 450d)

3. I feel very strongly towards my first car. I would go as far as saying that I loved it. It gave me the freedom to see my dad more often and stop there when ever I wanted. I loved the fact that I could just get in my car and go where ever at any time. I must have gone somewhere every weekend for the first 6 months of owning it. Sadly it’s the car that I mentioned in my last post. It had to be euthanized after I crashed it. RIP my Astra.

4. PIZZA!!!! The love of my life. It’s always been there to comfort me, to help make me feel better when I’m low. Love isn’t a strong enough word to explain the feelings I have for warm dough with melted cheese and a tomato base and a generous portion of various toppings. I almost re-broke my jaw trying to eat a piece of pizza. I ate through the pain. I’m a fan of many kids from many different places. my favourite has to be a pizza from a little spanish restaurant near my nans, it’s a simple margarita with Basil on it. I tend to go with ham and pineapple when I’m in the UK.

5. My nan definitely deserves one of the 9 spots. She practically raised my two sisters and I. She’s always worked hard at her job and at keeping the family together. We all seem to congregate around nan and grandads at some point during the day. It’s one place where I just feel at home and relaxed. she’s helped me out of a pickle many times in the past and I know she’ll be there if I ever need her in the future. I’ll always remember the holidays to Ireland every year that my grandparents use to bring me on. I’m going to extend this one to cover all my family. I feel I have been fortunate with the family I have been given and grateful.

6. C and B. these two are my closest friends. I love them both dearly. C has become a constant in my life and someone I can trust and talk to about anything. As far as I’m aware, she’s also the only person I know who read’s this blog… Hey C 🙂 Ad is the only other person I really consider as a real friend. I’ve known him since school and although we’ve become very different from each other, we still get on well and help each other out when ever needed. I’m going to add J to this one too. although we haven’t spoken in over 6 months because of his retarded animal of a girlfriend, I still love him and miss him. I can honestly say that my anxiousness, paranoia and depression were greatly reduced during the 7 year period I knew him, I always felt like I had someone who would support and help me if I needed it.

7. I love Demitri and Herb my two Horsefield Tortoises. Demitri was supposed to be a birthday present from Z but we she left a few months before. I’ve always wanted a tortoise and didn’t think it was right to give up on the idea just because she left. I love the way they move and find them fascinating still.

8. My cousin urban is the cutest little girl I have ever met. I tend to get on well with all children but we have a special bond. She lives in australia now with my Aunt and her husband. so I don’t get to see her much but every time we do see each other she screams Dandan and runs for me with her arms wide open. I have never felt so much love from another person before. She’s like a little monkey clinging to me and if anyone trys to talk to me, she gets all defensive and clingy. the sad thing is I know she will grow up and subsequently lose interest in me. I can’t wait to have my own child some day.


I miss her a lot.

9. This ones a bit vague but I love America. I have been a few times now and every time I have been awe struck at the place. I love everything, the cars, the tall buildings and the fact that everything has to be bigger and better than anywhere else. I’ve never had a bad time over there and hope to one day live somewhere in the States.


These ‘loves’ are likely to change from time to time. So maybe love is too strong to describe them but that’s your lot!



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